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Hmm. So I'm thinking I'm going to spend a wee bit more time on DA. Just for the simple fact that I have to get back into my artfullness since I'm to school for graphics in the fall.

It will be greatness.

Check out my stock while your at it.

its been a year +2 days since i made a journal on this site.
i'm going to school in august for graphic arts and media.
it will be great.
i look at deviant art but i never update anything...
Univeristy is starting up again next wednesday. On the 6th. It sucks because I have no idea where any of my classes are and I have to go soon and figure out where they are and such by this friday because i'm going home for 5 days, and the day i get back is the day before school starts!!

I also have to grab some text books and such for my classes.


I cleaned up my deviation gallery. Deleted a whole bunch of crap and put alot of crap into the scraps.

Made a new ID.

And will have more time for art now that I REALLY don't have a life.

aka. me and my bf broke up. and there is usually nothing to do.

So I have to reaquaint myself with my photomanip program. It's been almost a year since i've used it.

In the meantime. If you havn't you should check out my stuff. I looked through it again and I was like wtf? I'm messed up.

Later PPlz.

I think I may have a little bit more time to do some minuplations some time in the near future. I have found some inspiration in a few songs. I have the perfect images in my head to go a long with the song. So I would have to post the lyrics with the piece. But it's just a matter of trying to find the PERFECT stock for the images.

It just might take awhile.

I have discovered 2 bands that i am absolutley in love with. The Spill Canvas and Paramore. My god. I LOVE these songs. They are soooo amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

But I am SOOOO in love with these songs. I don't think i've ever been so much in love with songs before.

I can't express enough love for them.

:iconmadgurl-stock: Check out my stock images pplz.
half way through the school year. yay. i have my last exam today in about an hour and 15 mins. wish me luck. dumb anthropology. this exam is worth 60 percent of my mark. multiple chioce, matching and true and false. yay for me. i don't even know where the exam rooms is :S haha oh well i'll find it.

happy holidays errybody. <3
holee shit... i almost have 4,000 page views! hahaha i havn't been on here in forever!!!

i havn't done art in forever!


I went to a yellowcard concert. FUCK YEA! It was awesome. And I play ultimate frisbee :) :)

so life. eh. that was good maybe like... 2 months ago.

boys really suck. i've come to that conclusion. not all boys. just boys that you date. and then change their mind and dump you.
3 days

2 days

1 days


IT's about TIme you get off mY DICK!

A few times i been around that track but your ass is still fat, gona stay like that cuz i ain't your holla back boyyy i ain't your hollaaa back boyyy

this is my shit

this is my shit

funniest shit in the world.

10 days till i move beeotches

WOOT! omg! CAMPING WAS so FUN! wow.

even though we got 2 tickets from the cops.


good story.


i hope summer goes by fast.

i move in 23 days. woot. so you have that much time to say bye to meeee . haha jk jk.
Finally done high school. Grad in 2 days. Fun. Camping this weekend. Should be fun.

I have no patience for doing any kind of art lately. I'm so on edge. About everything. But with finals over it takes off some of the edge. Since Jack and Brian are comming down tomorrow. That will also take some edge off. Grad will be edgy. Anything can happen. Should be a fun time nonetheless. Camping should let it sink in that i'm finally done. Seeing Chris will let me float away into la la land. He is quite the amazing fellow.

yeas. art. maybe someday. but not anytime soon.
WOW! Great weekend! Spending time in stoon is always a good time. I had so much fun spending time with michelle and jack. O. and of course Chris. :D

teehee. kim i'll tell you details l8ter!
woo! awesome weekend! Chris came to visit me on friday and we hung out. Watched a movie and we talked for a good two hours.  Then saturday went to Brina's sister's wedding! Had an AWERSOME time! Thanks for inviting me as your date Brina! :D Then I slept over at Avery's woot :D fun times fun times.

12 more days of school! I have 3 exams. and they're all scheduled for the same day. So i'm going to move my french exam to a different day and leave my other two for the same day. ugh. it's gona suck. Chem in the morning and then english in the morning of the 27th. but then 2 days later is grad!! can't wait!

bahhaha anyways. me go now.
long time no see for me!

Havn't been around DA in a while. Havn't really done anything at all.... I might submit something sooner or later. I'm not sure though. i duno. maybe? I've got some stuff from art that I can probly submit. yup. should be a good time.

Things are great right now for me. So don't worry about me. I passed a chem test yay for me!! And i've got tons of plans with friends for summer and for university next fall. And even a new guy so everything is great :D

I just need to pass chem... *hopes*

What's the point of keeping my feelings at bay,It takes alot of me,To get the nerve to wake up,Everyday,

What will you do when there are no friends to fall back on? Because they've all been stepped on

you're blinded by yourself, You're the one to blame but you pretend it's someone else

This life can get so hard, this world can be so cruel,Sometimes I fall apart I feel just like a useless tool

it was different from the start, when you cut me in two I never thought I would bleed

Raise a glass for ignorance, drink a toast to fear The beginning of the end has come that's why we all are here

Cold fills the emptiness that fills this empty place

Empty are the musings and wasted are the days

It's not my problem anymore You see it never really was So you can stop 'caring' as you call it and I'll be fine right here

Who am I to be this way  Dreamin so insane

Maybe I should drop by maybe I should have called Maybe I should have followed you and beat down your door Maybe it's gonna be breaking you every time you fall But to shower you with pity will do you no good at all

finger on the trigger and i'm ready to go, take me away from this endless self control

Maybe somewhere else, Will not be half as cold as me

When grey skies turn blue I'll come back for you My mind can't change my heart there's nothing I can do

There's no more grace to fall from There's no where left to go but down

I'm gonna paint an ugly scene All of the things I wanna say

your mind is there but your heart is out to lunch

Your life's a half-filled cup You'd never drink from anyway

What a mess our lives turned out to be It was at its best when you and I were only 3

Save your breath your soul is hollow

The sun starts to fall into the ground A breeze picks up off the waves And everything is fine

I try to escape but the rain makes it colder Why do I let all our problems take over

fleeing your reality, pretending is insane for the ones infront of you who see your act in vain
Ellos Lovelies.

I'm going to Paris, France next week, for a week. I'm planning on taking hundreds of pictures. We're stopping in Montreal Quebec and Toronto Ontario. Twill be great fun.
In other news.
Lots of things have changed... are changing. However you will take it. Some people are dumb and obviously their brains and eyes aren't working properly. :XD:
I'm a procrastinator and hate doing things. :XD:
I feel like lashing out :XD:
have a bon jour.

heya. Some new stuff! yup. had some fun playin with those ones. yup. Break is almost over. Got my grad dress. Tis pretty. Can't wait till grad to see everyone else's dresses and such.

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superman left lois. then superman started dating wonderwoman and the justice league fell apart.

I rather enjoy the justice league. Flash is the kewlest.
And the Green Lantern is awesome because he's got such a threating name. "grr i'm the green lantern and I will shine you to death with my green beams". I know that's not his power but i just thought it was silly. and halk girl? never really understood her. i've read some of the comics... bleh. And Batman! Who could forget that nice man. Dear old Bruce Wayne! I wish I was his butler cuz usually whoever portrays robin is rather hot :P tee hee. sorry... this has no point whatsoever so i think i shall stop here!